I’m doing laundry!

I am doing the laundry and I got a little stuck in the laundry. Do you want to see a picture of me when I was stuck. I bet you do!235EB883-C73B-41BB-9CB1-1692BD1D22D8do you like it? I bet you do! It is kind of weird that I am saying do you like me getting stuck in a laundry basket. I do not know what that ball is for but I hope that I can eat it up because it looks like a great chew toy. Diamond Unicorn can I eat the ball? No! Why would you think you could eat that? Because it is round and it rolls and it fits in my mouth. Oh sorry guys I got to go chase Diamond Unicorns toes so by guys see you later! Bye!

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Meet the class pet and teacher!

Hi guys I just met the class pet and he is so cute! Do you want to see me and the class pet together? I bet you do!

IMG_0614This is me in my class room. Do you like it? I bet you do! Oh and also do you want to see me with the class pet know? I bet you do!IMG_0616Do you like it? I bet you do! my class pet is very cute! Know I know why they call pets cute! You know what I decided that I am gonna tell my owner’s that I just made a knew word you know why because I decided that pet is another word for cute! I  think that any cute animal is a pet well know that I think about it I may not call blood thirsty animals cute. Any ways I haft to go know bye!

I made cupcakes with Play-Do!!!

I made play-do at my house it was very hard to get the right shape because I kept getting paw prints on the cupcake.Anywayse do you want to see the picture I made of them I was about to eat it though. So do you want to see it? I bet you do!IMG_0610And I also just woke up from a nap. But do you like the cupcakes and the picture? I bet you do!! Oh by the way on Sunday I am going to the beach for a field trip. I will post and tell you about it and what happens. Phenix my other sister birthday is on October 10. So her birthday is coming soon! I will probably be posting on that to and I just wanted to tell you a sneak peek!

Anyways I haft to go now so bye guys I will miss you!!!!! Bye!

I have a date!!!!!!

I have a date!!!!! I took some pictures of me getting ready. Do you want to see them? I bet you do!! But first sorry guys I have not posted in a long time but I was busy this summer and dog school starting I just haven’t had time to post. The reason I just randomly decided to post know was because my sister remember that tonight was my date and I should post about  the date and also she had nothing to do. Anyways I will show you the picture know.IMG_0603.JPG Do I look cute? The answer is yes. Oh and I also look handsome. The date sent me a picture about what she looks like for the date. So do you want to see that picture? I bet you do!

IMG_0606Doesn’t she look so  beautiful? I bet she does! I will post later about how it went. But I will save this and then just tap in how It went on the date so I don’t have to make a whole new page. Two hours later….. It went so well she wanted to go on a another date!!! Oh I haft to go know.Bye guys!!

I hit 100 likes!

Thank you guys so much for making me hit 100 likes and Chewy is so excited! Chewy wants you to see him super excited! do you want to see Chewy excited? I bet you do!IMG_0555 2 Chewy wants say a couple of words. Thank you! Do  you like the picture! I bet you do! Sorry this is a short post but I have to go feed Chewy. so bye everybody see you next time I post.

I am so comfortable

Hey guys! I am so comfortable and I just told Diamond Unicorn to get my i pad. Do you want to or want to see me so comfortable bed! I bet yo-yo do!8C5E5B8B-5FFD-4B16-AF86-E5D02C520042.jpegdo you like it! I am so fluffy. I like my bed so much! You do not no how comfortable it is it feels like a big doggy marsh mellow! Do you like my stuff bear? I bet you do! I got to go . Sorry this wasn’t long but it is time for me to get ready to eat dinner. Got to go! Bye!


Chewy’s Corner: Mommy, Don’t Leave Me!

Mommy just left me at home with my two crazy sisters! Why, why, why! The horror, oh the horror! Do you want to see me begging at the door so mommy can come back? I bet you do!IMG_0530 Now, I have been waiting for a WHOLE HOUR but DiamondUnicorn430 says that I really just had been waiting for ten minutes. But at least it felt like an hour. You know what? I think that I am just gonna give up. Do you want to see me giving up at last? I bet you do!IMG_0531 My mouth is open because I was like so tired I yawned.  Oh yeah I was going tell you this before but I forgot to tell you it so I will tell you it now. My sister made a sign-off . Ok, now I have to go out side because DiamondUnicorn430 said it is a nice day out side. So bye guys! See you next time on Chewy’s World blog!!! IMG_2652Comet below if you like it!!

I got my house remodeld!!

I got my house remodeled! It is at 123 Doggywood Road and I love it! ❤️ And you do not know how much FUN my backyard is! Do you want to see some pictures of my new house? I bet you do!

Do you like it? If you do, comment below! See you next week because I need to go on a walk. One last thing, did you notice my new hair cut? I am less fury. ChewDog out!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Hi guys! I hope that you are wearing green because it is St.Patrick’s Day! Because you no the rule if you do not we’re green you are gonna get pinched! Here do you want to look at me wearing a green bow tie! I bet you do!7E0B6E69-A950-416D-984E-35887F86BA45.jpegDo you like it because I really do not like wearing my bow tie but I really did not want to get pinched and no what when I was changing into my bow tie I got pinched by my own sister Diamond Unicorn! But it hurt so bad but then I told her and she said sorry and that she did not men to hurt me that bad then I said that it was okay so we made up. Okay i got to go and happy St.apatrick’s Day!

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